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Intro trustii


Design and build predictive data modeling algorithms that are ready for deployment through global data challenges at

Our Approach

Original.png connects a network of data scientists to work together on tackling data modeling challenges faced by organizations.

Data Scientists

Challenge yourself with real-life data modeling problems, learn through hands-on experience, win prizes, and increase your visibility at

Our Data Challenge Offering


we provide organizations with automated machine learning to quickly and cost-effectively evaluate data analytics use cases.


We host machine learning challenges in collaboration with universities to solve complex data modeling problems for organizations


We provide organizations with access to the top data scientists' machine learning models and resumes for easy connection 


We offer to deploy the best machine learning models at's cloud or at organisation's own premises with's support.

Connect with the academic world 

At, we partner with engineering schools and universities to connect organizations with talented students and researchers in data science. Together, we use the latest state-of-the-art AI technology to solve complex machine learning problems.


Trustii's automated machine learning creates a baseline solution for students to build upon and surpass. Our competitions not only provide a fun and engaging way to improve skills, but also serve as a great way for organizations to identify potential future hires.

"We believe that human involvement is essential for the successful implementation of any AI project."

Our data science consulting services

Use Case assists organizations in understanding how machine learning can be applied to their specific business context.

Dataset works with organizations to identify the necessary features in their dataset to optimize the quality of data modeling.

Challenge provides organizations with guidance on defining the scope of their challenge,  that aligns with their objectives.

Deployment helps organizations to deploy the best model on their own premises or at, enabling them to make predictions on live datasets.

Our Partners


Are you a university interested in organizing a data challenge?

Don't miss the opportunity to join the network and provide your students with valuable hands-on experience solving real business data modeling problems. Not only will they have the chance to win prizes and showcase their skills to top organizations, but they will also gain valuable visibility in the industry.

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