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Automated ML models

Code-free solution that reduces need for data scientists. Create your model by simply uploading your dataset.


ML Competitions

Build custom AI models using our data scientists community through competitions.


Managed Jupyter Notebook

Build advanced AI Models from scratch using our managed Jupyterhub environment and computational resources with GPU.

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Examples of our Customers

« Professional and dedicated team, always attentive, who will strive to facilitate the implementation of projects and provide the best support. They take great care of your projects! I absolutely recommend them! »

Pr Agnès Bloch Zupan, Hospital Practitioner & Professor, rare disease expert, CRMR O-Rares at HUS


At, we collaborate with academic institutions, startups, and researchers in the field of data science. Our goal is to connect organizations with skilled data scientists community who are using advanced AI technology to address complex machine learning challenges.

This collaboration is facilitated through machine learning competitions. In these events, our community of data scientists strives to solve the challenging data problems faced by organizations.

The Power of Community in Data Science​

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