Platform designed to manage end to end data challenge


Fully Managed Platform with Flexible Hosting Options 

Our platform is accessible from anywhere, no need to install, maintain or learn any software. We provide flexible data hosting locations and give option to select data scientists by university and region,  so you can keep sovereignty on your data.

Automated Machine Learning based on Open Source use best Open Source automated machine learning libraries, and use ensembling methods to create high quality models for demo and proof of concept. automated machine learning model is also used as baseline for competitions.

Machine Learning Challenges with Universities 

While Automated machine learning is good for demo and proof of concept, can host competitions with universities, where students compete on increasing the quality of the automated model and provide to organizations solutions that meet their specific needs.

Connect with Best Students 

The platform offers a real time leaderboard, where organizations can identify the best solutions and talented students, so they can contact them and hire them to continue the collaboration internally.

Dataset Automatic Cleaning has built-in features engineering and data cleaning engine, the platform will transform your dataset features to be able to create best automated machine learning model, including empty field filling, transformation of non float values, etc

Our Technology

Trustii developed own Machine Learning Ensembling methods that aims to increase performances and efficiency of machine learning model. Our Ensemble helps to reduce the variance of machine learning model, so the quality of predictions.


For us every model count in a challenge, and not only the the first three solutions.