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Join the Hacking Health Camp and help turn healthcare ideas into reality

What is the Hacking Health Camp?

Hacking Health Camp is an innovation event focused on digital health that brings together healthcare professionals, patients, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and other experts to collaborate on solving healthcare challenges. The goal of the event is to turn ideas into functional prototypes in just three days.

The Concept

The event features two types of participants: project leaders who have a recurring healthcare challenge and an idea for solving it, and contributors who have the skills to prototype those ideas. The three-day program includes inspiring talks on the future of healthcare, training sessions, and a hackathon where teams work to create functional prototypes from the ideas pitched by project leaders. Since 2014, Hacking Health Camp has generated 225 prototypes that led to 25 startups, research projects, non-profit initiatives, and other successful healthcare solutions.

Why participate as a data expert?

As a data expert, you can bring valuable skills to Hacking Health Camp and help turn healthcare ideas into reality. By participating in the event, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other experts from various fields and to work on real-world challenges. You will also be able to attend inspiring talks and training sessions that will deepen your knowledge and skills. And who knows, your contribution may help create the next breakthrough healthcare solution that could make a difference in people's lives. Don't miss the chance to be part of this exciting event and make an impact in healthcare innovation!

How to participate?

Hacking Health Camp is IRL from friday, march 24th to sunday, march 26th at the university of Strasbourg. If you are interested in participating in, do not miss the project preparation workshops that will take place online. These workshops will allow you to meet project leaders and identify interesting projects requiring data-related skills.

You can already consult the projects submitted on our challenge board and get in touch with the project leaders via our Discord community. implication

In the context of Hacking Health Camp, is happy to offer a free Jupyter Notebook development environment for all participants. This fully managed platform will allow participants to create machine learning models using popular programming languages such as R and Python.

To gain access to this free resource during Hacking Health Camp, please sign up at

And as a membre you have 30% discount on registration at Hacking Health Camp with the code TRUSTIIHHC10

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