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Are you ready for the WAICF DATA CHALLENGE ?

We are happy to announce that we will open the WAICF international data challenge on Thursday April 14th at 8:00 AM CET time

Trustii will be exposing at WAICF Human Resources Thematic Zone, Booth #D14

The data challenge will be available until Saturday April 16th at 12PM CET - and the result will be announced the same day on Saturday at 3PM CET at WAICF during Trustii talk - and via Trustii platform (Private Leaderboard).

About the Data Challenge

This data challenge is really exciting from a technical point of view, you will be asked to create a binary classification machine learning model that predicts Car Accident Severity. The dataset is unbalanced so complex features engineering and modeling are required.

Trustii Hosted Jupyter Notebook

NEW : We are excited to announce that this WAICF data challenge will be our first data challenge using our hosted Jupyter notebook environment at ;) Therefore you will be able to create code and documentation based on our platform with CPU and RAM resources included and for free.

Meet Us at WAICF or online

For people who are attending WAICF event in person, please stop by our Booth D15, we will be happy to chat with you about the challenge. For folks attending 100% remotely feel free to reach via the Forum of the data challenge available at platform.

Access to the platform

As a reminder, to access to the data challenge you just need to sign in as a data scientist via our platform

Great data challenge everyone and wish you a happy coding !! team

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