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Allergen Chip

Dernière mise à jour : 27 févr. 2023

Join the Allergen Chip Challenge and develop a machine learning algorithm to detect allergens and their combinations responsible for allergic reactions and their severity.


The Allergen Chip Challenge, a collaborative project led by the French Society of Allergology (SFA) in partnership with the Health Data Hub, focuses on personalized medicine through exploring the antibody profile (immunoglobulin E) developed by each patient in response to their environment.

The goal of the competition is to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can predict the presence and severity of an allergic disease based on this personalized profile.

Introduction of the Allergen Chip data challenge by Dr. Joana Vitte (video from Health Data Hub)

To create a high-quality and unprecedented database, the SFA coordinated with numerous French allergology centers and their clinical counterparts, collecting allergological data from nearly 3,000 patients that traces both their clinical history and immunological profile. Data collection and preparation were carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health (IDESP) at the University of Montpellier.

Despite the abundance of laboratory tools for determining a person's allergic reaction in a given environment, effective allergy diagnostic methods are still lacking. As allergies affect nearly 50% of the population, AI may be a solution to improve and facilitate allergy diagnosis. By inviting the international scientific community to participate in the Allergen Chip Challenge, the SFA hopes to encourage innovative solutions that can improve the management of allergic patients.

Core idea behind Allergen Chip Data challenge

Data flow for allergy diagnosis using allergen multiplex investigation as shown in the picture above :

  • Current situation: multiple pathways and significant disconnection for in vitro and clinical data, hampering integrated interpretation.

  • Allergen Chip Challenge objective: data collection, database implementation, data challenge for an AI solution efficiently bridging clinical and in vitro data for diagnosis, prognosis, therapeutic choiceand follow-up of allergic diseases using allergen multiplex investigation.

A €25,000 prize will be awarded to the teams that provide the most effective algorithms.

Timeline : The Allergen Chip Challenge will take place in April 2023 and will be hosted on our platform,

To participate in the Allergen Chip Challenge, sign-up at (as data scientist) and complete this form to gain access to the data challenge once it's available.

Data scientists participating in the Allergen Chip Challenge will have access to a hosted Jupyter notebook with free CPU and RAM resources to develop their models. They can choose to write their models in Python, Julia, or R.

By participating to this data challenge you will help the Allergology community

  1. Understand the relationship between exposome, IgE, and clinical expression of allergy.

  2. Efficiently diagnose and stratify allergic patients

  3. Gain a better understanding of IgE clusters in relation to age, symptoms, and climate area

  4. Tackle the complexity of immune response using AI methods


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