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We believe that humans are essential to the success of AI projects.

At Trustii, we assist companies with every step of a machine learning project. This includes deciding on the project's focus, organizing data, and selecting the best way to build and deploy the machine learning model developed using platform. Data Scientists conducts weekly meetings with organizations to grasp the challenges they aim to tackle and to assess their datasets. We prepare these datasets to develop effective machine learning models and set metrics that reflect the organization's objectives and expectations. Throughout our ML competitions, we supervise the forums, answering all technical questions. Post-competition, we rigorously review the winning entries for authenticity, plagiarism, and the clarity of their models. We then hand over these vetted models and their documentation to the organization. Additionally, we advise on optimal deployment methods, whether on's cloud or an alternative cloud platform chosen by the organization.

Alongside's in-house data science experts, we provide organizations access to thousands of data scientists and teams worldwide. These professionals are eager to collaborate with organizations beyond the competition, helping to fine-tune models developed during our ML competitions and assisting with deployment. Additionally, our community serves as a talent pool of forward-thinking data scientists, offering organizations a valuable resource for future hiring.

Community Data Scientists

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