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🚀 Introducing Managed Jupyter Notebooks on Free Access Now Available! 🚀

We are excited to roll out our latest platform update - fully managed Jupyter Notebooks, now free for all users on !

What You Get with Free Access:

  • Managed Jupyter Notebooks: Dive into a seamless coding environment with our managed Jupyter Notebooks, optimized for efficiency and ease of use.

  • Resource Allocation: Each user is equipped with 2 CPUs and 8 GB RAM, facilitating smooth execution of data analysis tasks and model training.

  • Persistent Storage: Your work matters. That's why we offer 1GB of persistent storage, ensuring that your data and code are securely saved and accessible.

  • Python & R Support: Utilize the power of Python and R in our notebooks, allowing you to choose the optimal language for your specific data tasks.

  • Pre-installed Libraries: Access major machine learning libraries like scikit-learn and Pandas from the get-go, enabling you to start your analysis without any delays.

Exclusive Features for Paid Accounts:

- Security Firewall: Secure your data with our enhanced security firewall, preventing unauthorized data downloads and ensuring your information remains confidential.

- On-Demand GPU: Accelerate your projects with on-demand GPU access, enabling faster computations and more efficient model training.

Get Started Now:

Our platform is designed to support your data analysis and model training needs. Sign up today and explore the capabilities of our managed environment at

Note : If you encounter any issues or simply wish to provide feedback about our managed Jupyter notebook, please reach out to us at

Happy Coding,

The Team

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